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* Do you know what Google Workspace (G Suite) is?

Suggested article: Google Workspace

Google Workspace, also known as G Suite software, is a set of office and productivity apps that work together to improve workflow integration. It began with Google Apps in 2006 and was renamed G Suite in 2016. Google changed to Google Workspace again in October 2020, adding new capabilities to its collaborative software and seeking to make the suite more accessible for business.

Google Workspace is a collection of business products that work together to improve workplace collaboration and efficiency. This program also connects with a variety of other applications. For example, a company may want to sync their Google Sheets and Salesforce CRM for better information. So, it will implement G Suite. The following are some of the Workspace applications:

  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Drive
  • Slides
  • Calendar

Google Workspace is extremely convenient for easy business working. In case you are curious and desire to read more, we suggest you take a look at more detailed information about the Google Workspace service!